An animated movie for children about losing and letting go

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A child (8 yrs old) saves a butterfly from drowning at his daddy's funeral. The butterfly 'LouLou' is very ill. The child fights at all costs to keep his new friend alive and he succeeds. Then LouLou announces he has to leave...

A lot of books and tools are available for children to deal with facts about death and dying, but hardly anything is available about the time after the funeral. When the practical matters are behind you, but the sad atmosphere remains. And this is way more difficult to explain to a child. With LouLou we want to make this film for children who need this kind of explanation and support after the loss of a loved one. We want to support and comfort them, but also grownups who are confronted with loss and grief. In addition, it is important that LouLou does not become a heavy, sad film, there is room for both a smile and a tear.

Artwork LouLou

Director - Hanneke van der Linden

Hanneke studied animation at the HKU in Hilversum. 15 years ago she founded her own company Hanimatie and ever since she's been making 2D animations and directing for Children's TV, documentaries, museums and businesses. Hanneke has worked on different children's TV series such as Pim en Pom where she was responsible for artwork, storyboards and animations. Most recently she worked on the KRO series Pettenpret as an animator and line producer. LouLou is her first animated film. .

Writer - Rob de Barbanson (1954)

After writing a book for children at the start of his career, soon realized his true passion was scriptwriting. He mainly wrote for live-action films and Tv series. In 2012 he wrote the script for Sammy, an award winning short animation film directed by Ruud den Drijver and he discovered the possibilities of this medium. Next to LouLou he's currently working on the script for Moses, an animated feature film.

Producers - Koert Davidse & Marc Thelosen

SeriousFilm is a Rotterdam based foundation for audio-visual production since 2004. SeriousFilm is run by Koert Davidse and Marc Thelosen. They use various media and styles for producing feature films, experimental films, film essays, documentaries, websites, animations, interactive projects, and installations.
The short animations 'the Origin of Creatures' (2010) by Floris Kaayk and 'I love hooligans' (2013) by Jan-Birk Bouw were selected by various festivals and won different prizes.